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Loan types – Small business loans and merchant cash advances

Loan amount - $4,000 - $500,000

Repayment terms -  4 – 21 months

Top Pro - Fast funding

Top Con - Daily repayment

Best For – Small businesses with cash flows

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BFS Capital at a Glance

BFS Capital is a lender specializing in small business financing. The company provides short-term loans and merchant cash advances to companies who to require quick access. Since its establishment in 2001, BFS Capital has consolidated with some of the best lenders in the industry, and has originated over $1.5 billion in loans to small and mid-sized businesses around the world. BFS Capital operates in all 50 US states, as well as Canada and the UK through a partner. Thanks to its overwhelming successful efforts in these spheres, the company maintains a well-deserved A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Borrowers appreciate BFS Capital for swift access to working capital, which helps small companies sustain growth in ever-changing economic conditions.

Best for Whom?

Small businesses with healthy monthly revenues are best suited for the loans available from BFS Capital. Short-term loans and merchant cash advances are a positive solution for companies that have a steady stream of sales, but low cash on hand. This could happen for many reasons, including accepting payments from credit cards. Card issuers pay out on one month and half-month delays, making it difficult for certain businesses to keep cash flows steady to meet their daily needs.

Businesses seeking funding to take advantage of a growth opportunity, pay their employees, or buy new inventory can obtain the financing they need from BFS Capital. With an accommodative and fast-paced lender like BFS Capital, a small company can readily take advantage of every growth prospect that emerges.

Loan Features

Borrowers can access between $4,000 and $500,000 in financing from BFS Capital depending on their capital requirements. This wide range serves an array of needs – from those businesses seeking a cash injection for rent to those purchasing new fleets of vehicles or another costly endeavor. Origination fees are low for the industry, at the higher amount of 1% of the total loan, or $475. Customers can opt for either a short-term loan, or a merchant cash advance to fit their financing needs. The first option is a fast working capital advance meant to cover the cost of financing a business function like buying equipment. Merchant cash advances are designed for companies with incoming sales that have not yet received payment for their goods or services. In both instances, approval and funding can be accomplished in as little as 2 days and repaid in a flexible manner.

Some BFS Capital highlights:

  • Fast approval

  • Receive funding in as little as one business day

  • Funding from $4,000 to $500,000 covers many needs

  • Great customer support helps prospective borrowers throughout the process

  • More relaxed requirements for credit scores and minimum time in business

  • Available terms up to 21 months

  • Short, streamlined online application process

  • Interesting, informative blog

The Application Process

Applicants seeking a loan from BFS Capital can complete the entire process on their website, where they must fill out a short form with various details about their business. The company’s system uses the details input, which include credit scores, financials, and operation history, to provide real-time answers to applications. Those prospective borrowers that meet the prerequisites will receive a call from a loan officer shortly thereafter. BFS Capital has requirements that vary depending on the type of desired loan. Applicants looking for a short-term loan should meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum credit score of 550

  • $15,000 in gross monthly sales

  • At least one year in business.

For those requesting merchant cash advances, the company’s requirements are more relaxed with a minimum of 9 months in business and $80,000 in annual sales.

These relaxed qualifications are easy to meet, and make it likely that an applicant will be approved should they exhibit these characteristics. After some fast paperwork, including proof of sales and proper identification, the loan officer will present an offer. If a borrower agrees to the loan terms, BFS Capital can release the funds as quickly as one business day.

Loan Terms – Flexible and Accountable

Borrowers have a range of choices when it comes to repaying their financing choice. The company’s short-term loans offer repayment periods between 4 and 21 months, depending on borrowers’ specific needs. This is a meaningful difference relative to the industry average, which sees many lenders cap their terms at 18 months. One of the best benefits of merchant cash advances is that there is no maximum service period or maturity date, enabling borrowers to continue or end the service as they see fit.

BFS Capital does not operate on an interest model, but rather adds a flat percentage onto the total principal loan. This means that borrowers always know how much is due, with the total interest amount included in their payment breakdowns. The straightforward lending strategy rewards businesses experiencing healthy, consistent sales with a willingness to pay a bit of a premium for financing that can be made available quickly.

Repayment Terms

Though the term may be a matter of months, repayment occrs daily for loans. The fixed daily deduction depends entirely on the amount of principal and the borrowing rate, which in turn is a function of the borrower’s credit score and other metrics established during the qualification process. For businesses with steady daily sales performance and cash flow, paying these automatic charges is an uncomplicated matter.

Merchant cash advances work a little differently, with repayment scaling according to daily sales figures. This way, the merchant does not have to fear an unmanageable daily withdrawal on days experiencing lower sales volumes. Businesses using merchant advance services can respond well to unpredictable swings in customer volume. In the rare event that a customer fails to pay, it is important to know that both short-term loans and merchant cash advances require collateral, usually in the form of a personal guarantee along with a standard UCC-1 blanket lien. This is different from competitors, but it allows BFS Capital to offer customers more competitive rates in the long term.

How Safe Is It?

BFS Capital has been in business since 2001 and developed a trusted reputation in the small business lending community. The company exhibits a solid A+ rating with the BBB, scores an 8.8 out of 10.0 on TrustPilot, and has received positive feedback from its customers who appreciate the company’s straightforward attitude about the pros and cons of its financing solution. As an industry leader, they adopt strong security standards as well and take numerous measures to protect sensitive client financial information. Thanks to a fully encrypted system as the backbone of the company’s online processes, business borrowers can trust BFS Capital with the integrity of their data.

Help & Support

Overall, our interactions with the representatives at BFS Capital were very positive. Staff was responsive and well-trained, answering our questions capably. Wait times during calls to the company’s toll-free line were no longer than a few minutes, and when corresponding via email, BFS Capital support staff always responded within a business day. Apart from these channels, the company offers a live chat function which enables customers with a question to quickly communicate and receive answers in real-time. All methods of communication are open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Responses to our inquires were practical and always explained in an accessible and honest manner. For tougher questions, we were apologetically put on hold and transferred to a manager who could readily assist.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons:

During our evaluation of BFS Capital, we encountered many of positive attributes associated with their services. However, some areas of the loan process highlight shortcomings which if improved could create a even more enticing offer:

  • Fees on a buy rate structure are unknown until the applicant is approved and remove the incentive for prepayment

  • Origination fees are part of the underwriting process

  • All financing must be secured by collateral [check this]

  • Strict daily withdrawals could be challenging for certain businesses depending on their revenues

Despite these minor drawbacks, the BFS Capital experience is one that customers trust and enjoy thanks to the numerous beneficial features of their services:

  • Flexible term lengths can suit many businesses with immediate financing needs

  • A wide range of funding amounts is ideal for several types of capital activities

  • Fast approval in under 48 hours requires little paperwork compared to a bank

  • Remarkable customer service is a pleasure to interact with

  • Automated transfers simplify repayment


Small businesses facing new growth opportunities or cash flow shortages need access to quick financing to overcome short-term hurdles. Those borrowers who need loans on a rapid schedule or merchant cash advances can obtain both from BFS Capital. Apart from working tirelessly to help small businesses grow, the company is supported by an exceptionally knowledgeable staff which delivers excellent support. Credit, documentation and other requirements are straightforward in exchange for one of the faster approval processes available in the industry. While some prospective businesses might find short-term loans to be a bit more expensive than bank financing, BFS Capital customers benefit from a rapid application, quick funding, and a relationship with a trusted lender.

physical Address

3301 N University Dr. #300

Coral Springs, FL 33065

United States of America

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