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By: Top 10 Best Business Loans Staff


Service Profile

Setting itself apart from its business loans competitors, Fundbox lending uniquely operates on a fee system rather than traditional APR, doesn’t require a credit score check and does not buy up your actual invoice. Your repayment will involve the principal loan amount and clearing fees, with no transaction fees, advance fees or any other fees. As a percentage, clearing fees range from 0.4% - 0.7% of the original invoice value per week. You have the option of a 12 or 24 week term. There aren’t any subscription, origination or hidden fees. 

Business Loan Features

  • Approval in under 3 hours
  • Invoices cleared within minutes
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No teaser rates or hidden fees
  • Funding same day or in 1 business day
  • Maximum repayment of 12 or 24 weeks
  • $100k limit
  • 0.4% - 0.7% weekly fee


Loan Application Information and Requirements

To qualify for a loan from Fundbox, you need to be a full U.S citizen and be at least 18 years of age. There are no personal loans available, money can only be paid out to companies, businesses and freelancers registered in the United States. To apply you will only need to provide your business name, email and phone number. Fundbox don’t ask for business details such as revenue, employees, profits, etc.

Fundbox sync with your accounting platform (Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero, etc) to make the approval decision for funding. 

Your online application is fully secure, protected by double-layer technology from Norton and McAfee Secure. Fundbox is also a BBB accredited business, just another credential that speaks volumes for its prestige and reputation in the industry.

Repayment Terms

You can apply for business credit from Fundbox from $1K - $100K. There are very few competing lenders which offer such low minimums, making Fundbox a much more accessible provider for frequent use. All advances must be paid fully within 12 or 24 weeks, but you can pay them off early with no early payment fees. This affects the fee structure that you’ll be paying too, lowering it the earlier you pay.

Help & Support

Most of the help and support for Fundbox is locked behind the personalized login section of the website, here you can access more detailed FAQs and support. Otherwise, Fundbox is available by live  phone on (855) 572-7707, or through the online contact form where you can expect a response via e-mail within 24 hours. Fundbox also has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


Fundbox is one of the only loan providers of its kind at the moment, which makes it remarkable in itself. But the praise doesn’t stop there, Fundbox can stand alone based on its merits of low fee structure, flexible repayments and that $1K minimum loan. More suited to smaller businesses paying invoices than looking to expand, Fundbox offers something different and is already becoming one of the most popular options for SMEs.

Company Profile

Fundbox is a new and unique type of borrowing for small businesses. Founded in 2012 and focusing on the SME market, offering ‘invoice clearing’ rather than traditional loans; Fundbox is changing the shape of lending and bringing business financing into the 21st century. 

Backed by a number of investors experienced in large financial markets (former executives of Citigroup, Thomson Reuters and JP Morgan) along with well-known partners in the accounting world (Xero, Quickbooks) – Fundbox’s credentials can’t be denied. Based in California, this San Francisco lender is tipped to become the very biggest next-big-thing.

Physical Address


300 Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA 94104

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