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Loan typesTerm Loans
Loan amount$10,000 to $1 million
Repayment Terms1 to 3 years
Top ProEasy and transparent application
Top ConHigh requirements for qualification
Best forEstablished businesses looking to grow

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Bond Street  at a Glance  

Founded in 2013, Bond Street has quickly established itself as a leader in business loans thanks to its technology-driven approach to lending and its transparency. The company offers term loans to small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries, with a focus on those that are looking to take the next step towards expansion. Additionally, Bond Street places immense value on education, and offers some of the most impressive resource centers in the industry, filled with excellent guides and articles. Moreover, the company’s great term lengths and loan amounts make it an intriguing alternative to traditional lenders such as banks. The company has received several rounds of funding and has grown immensely in the nearly four years since it was founded. With well-regarded customer service to go along with outstanding offerings, Bond Street stands out within the online lending market.

Help your Business Grow

Best for Whom?

Small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to finance their next stage of growth will find an ideal partner in Bond Street. The company’s loans are geared towards businesses that are already generating revenue, and can provide a quick injection of funds necessary to fund expansionary projects. Additionally, Bond Street’s term loans offer competitive rates that are close to those offered by banks and traditional lenders, while still allowing for shorter terms that help assure debts can be repaid before they become a burden. Moreover, the company’s commitment to education and resources designed to sustain growth make them an excellent choice for companies ready to expand. Bond Street prefers to work with businesses that are already more established, with better credit ratings and steady revenues, and while that may disqualify some newer or smaller companies, it also means Bond Street can promise better rates and more competitive terms for all its customers. 

Loan Features  

We found several aspects of Bond Street’s loan offerings to be particularly impressive. The company’s dedication to assisting small and midsized businesses with their growth aspirations comes through in all their services, and their loans are designed to help without becoming an additional burden on the borrowers. The company offers term loans on the shorter end of the spectrum with competitive interest rates, which are repaid twice monthly. Furthermore, the application process is designed to be quick and straightforward, only requesting the relevant details and not requiring a complicated underwriting period. In addition, Bond Street will perform a soft credit inquiry, which does not impact the applicants’ credit scores. We were also very pleased with Bond Street’s fee structure, which eschews hidden fees and even prepayment penalties, instead only including a one-time origination fee. This allows companies to repay their loans as soon as they are able without having to worry about any penalties. Here are some of the highlights for Bond Street:

  • Simple and transparent application
  • Terms between 1 and 3 years
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No hidden fees or prepayment penalties
  • Extensive educational resource library
  • Borrow up to $1 million
  • Have funds accessible as quickly as one week
  • 48-hour underwriting period 

Favorable Rates and an effortless application

The Application Process

During our research, we were very appreciative of the sheer simplicity attached to applying for a loan from Bond Street. The company is very transparent about its activities, and clearly explains the entire application process on its home page. To get started, you simply have to fill out an online form, which takes under ten minutes. This includes basic questions about the applicant’s personal details, as well as some information regarding the business itself. Once this step is completed, Bond Street requests access to the borrower’s financial details. These can be submitted electronically, or if you are working with accounting software such as QuickBooks, you can simply allow Bond Street visitor access and they can view your financials directly. This can help expedite the process of prequalification. Once the application is completed, Bond Street reviews all applications in a process that takes on average 48 hours before replying with an approval. If an applicant is qualified, they will receive an offer sheet and after approval, funds will be made available within a week. 

Loan Terms – A Commitment to Growth 

One area in particular where Bond Street’s services truly shine is with their focus and dedication to serving businesses best interests. The company prefers to work with small and midsized businesses that are slightly further along the growth trajectory, which translates into better rates and more favorable terms. The company asks that applicants meet the following standards:

  • A credit score of at least 640
  • A minimum of $200,000 in annual revenue
  • At least two years in operation
  • Be able to provide a personal guarantee
  • Be located in the United States (except for North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Tennessee, and Nevada)

Bond Street works with a wide range of industries, including, but not limited to, architecture, law, accounting, fitness, and food services. The company does choose to avoid working with a few industries, such as those that work directly with the government, hotels, casinos, and natural resources.

While there are competitors that offer more funds via different financing options, Bond Street’s loans are designed to provide a fast infusion of funds that can be channeled towards one of many expansionary projects such as equipment purchases, location expansion, or hiring. The company even offers loans to businesses that are looking to refinance their debt with more favorable terms.  Bond Street offers term loans exclusively, providing funding ranging between $10,000 and $1 million. The company is also aided by a quick and transparent application that can speed up the process of delivering funds into customers’ accounts and ensuring that resources are always available when they are needed most. Loans are repaid on a fixed basis, and feature semi-monthly payments on the 1st and 16th day of every month. Additionally, with a straightforward application, funds can be available within as little as one week. Before applying, make sure you can provide the following documentation:

  • A valid form of identification (such as a drivers license or passport)
  • Income and revenue statements
  • Social security number
  • Employer identification number
  • Approximate loan requested

Another excellent resource that Bond Street hosts is a vast knowledge base. This library includes articles on a variety of topics from personal and business financial hygiene, to legal advice and business tips. Additionally, Bond Street has aggregated more specific guides for a variety of industries that are insightful and offer helpful tips for improving small and medium-sized businesses. The company even produces podcasts and videos about entrepreneurship and relevant issues such as marketing, management, and real-world case studies. 

Competitive rates for small business needs

Repayment Terms

We found that Bond Street’s repayment terms are incredibly competitive within the lending industry, and even compare well with more traditional lending institutions such as banks. The loan terms available range between one and three years, which is in-line with many competitors. The company also uses bi-monthly payments every first and sixteenth day of the month, which helps ensure that borrowers can always repay their loans within the established term without interest payments getting out of control. Bond Street’s loans feature interest rates that start as low as 6%, nearly the same as bank loans, however, with application periods that are significantly shorter. Moreover, the company’s APR usually do not exceed 25%. Overall, we were very satisfied with Bond Street’s loan terms, although they could expand the term lengths slightly to allow for more repayment flexibility to improve their services even further.  

How Safe is It? 

It was very positive to learn that Bond Street places significant emphasis towards protecting its customers’ data. The company utilizes 128-bit, bank-level encryption to store information and uses industry standard security protocols to make sure its servers are up to par. Additionally, Bond Street is straightforward about the information they collect from its users and how they use it. The company is very clear about the cases in which they share information related to their customers. Overall, we were impressed with the company’s commitment to safety.

Help & Support

There is much to like about Bond Street’s customer service. Most user reviews show that the company offers outstanding support, and our research backed up that fact. The company offers support via e-mail or telephone during business hours. We found that the company’s service representatives are knowledgeable and answered our queries promptly and courteously. Moreover, Bond Street’s website features a detailed FAQ section that answers many of the most pertinent questions, as well as offering a great deal of detail about their loans. While the company could add a live chat feature to supply an additional channel of communication, their customer support is rightly praised as being positive and efficient.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Bond Street offers outstanding services with excellent support. We were very pleased with the company’s offerings, but found that there were a few areas with room for improvement:

  • The company could expand its available loan terms to offer more flexibility
  • Adding a live chat would provide a more direct means of communication with support staff
  • They currently only work with prime borrowers or better, meaning some businesses might not be able to access the funding they require

There were several factors that scored very highly with us:

  • The company does not perform a hard credit inquiry, so it does not harm your credit score to apply
  • Loan amounts number near the higher end of the industry spectrum
  • Rates compete with those available from tradiitonal financial institutions
  • The company’s application is transparent and fast
  • They provide an impressive knowledge and resource center

Easy to contact support


Thanks to a strong focus on empowering small and medium-sized businesses to finance their expansion, Bond Street has created a loan service that is transparent, efficient, and user friendly. The company’s loan terms are designed to avoid placing an unnecessary burden on borrowers, and competitive interest rates make it an intriguing option, especially for businesses preferring to avoid the bureaucratic red tape they must clear with banks. Additionally, a commitment to providing practical educational resources makes Bond Street a great alternative for those small businesses that are looking to expand while also improving their operations. 

Physical Address

Bond Street

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Suite 201

New York, NY


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