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Loan typesTerm Loans
Loan amount$10,000 to $350,000
Repayment Terms1, 2, or 3 years
Top ProHolistic approach to underwriting
Top ConWorks almost exclusively with prime+ credit scores

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Credibility Capital at a Glance  

Credibility Capital began operating in early 2015, and in the brief time since has developed a reputation as a transparent and user-friendly solution for small businesses. The company offers amortizing term loans, and uses a expansive and holistic approach towards underwriting, allowing it to accept a broader range of customers than its competitors. Besides the underwriting experience, Credibility Capital offers incredibly competitive interest rates and loan amounts that are ideal for small businesses looking to cover small shortfalls in cash flow, fund new projects, or even finance equipment purchases and repairs. While it is known as a company that works with businesses that have strong creditworthiness, Credibility offers all prospective customers access to its network of vetted partners that can provide more accommodative financing in certain cases. 

An efficient lender for small businesses


Best for Whom?

The loan services and amounts offered by Credibility Capital make them an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking for quick funding for projects or covering gaps in cash flow. The amounts offered may be lower than some competitors, however, economical interest rates and repayment terms make them an attractive alternative. Credibility generally works with companies that have better credit—normally prime or higher.  Nevertheless, their underwriting process examines a broad range of factors, enabling them to provide financing to companies that may not qualify based on the strength of their credit alone. Additionally, Credibility’s loan terms are short enough to allow for quick repayment, so companies can avoid being bogged down by debt for extended periods of time. Small and medium-sized business borrowers determined to cover expenses necessary for growth projects or even areas such as payroll are the natural partners for Credibility Capital’s services.

Loan Features  

One of the most attractive aspects of Credibility Capital’s loan offerings is their straightforwardness. The company does not hide its loans behind complex fee and repayment structures, making it easy to understand the implications of borrowing. Additionally, the company’s marketplace lending model allows businesses to receive the funds they need much swifter compared to underwriting processes from traditional lenders such as banks. This is a function of Credibility’s streamlined application process, which can deliver funds into companies’ accounts as quickly as 24 hours after approval in most cases. Moreover, the company supports automatic payments which are used to pay off a portion of both the principal and the interest, helping ensure that loans are always paid off by the end of the borrowing term. We were also pleased with the company’s fee structure, which consists of a single origination fee, and does not include prepayment fees or other hidden charges. These are some of the best highlights for Credibility Capital:

  • Access funds in as little as 24 hours after approval
  • No prepayment fees for early loan repayment
  • Automated monthly payments
  • Excellent educational resources
  • Variable terms for business loans
  • Low interest rates for all terms
  • Highly-regarded customer support
  • Flexible underwriting supports a broader range of borrowers 

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The Application Process

From the very beginning we were impressed with Credibility Capital’s straightforward application process. A significant portion of the application is submitted online. Once an online application is submitted, the company promptly reviews the application, performs and soft credit check (an inquiry is not generated on the applicant’s personal credit report), and sends qualified applicants a preliminary offer and a request for documents. Businesses are then contacted by one of Credibility’s representatives who conducts a brief interview and may ask for additional information if something on the application remains unclear. The entire application process can take as little as three days, although typically takes about a week. Overall, we found the application to be simple and fast, with the quick underwriting turnaround making Credibility an optimal choice when financing is needed straightaway.

Loan Terms – Straightforward Loans  

There are many aspects to appreciate when it comes to Credibility Capital’s amortizing term loans. The company has designed their loans to be flexible and perfectly matched to small and medium-sized businesses that require a quick cash infusion to expand, cover funding shortfalls, or even simply renew and repair equipment. However, when considering the size of the loans available, Credibility’s options may be too small for enterprise level companies, instead fulfilling the sweet spot for SMBs eager to boost growth. Although loans may be slightly smaller than those issued by competitors, Credibility offers outstanding interest rates that rank near the lower end of the spectrum and are even more attractive when paired with the company’s repayment terms. Qualification is also a straightforward process, but Credibility does prefer to work with customers that have good to excellent credit scores. When applying for financing from Credibility Capital, make sure you have the following documentation prepared:

  • Tax ID number
  • Revenue records for the last 12 months of operations
  • Social security number

You may be required to provide some additional documentation, including:

  • Bank statements for your business
  • Tax returns

We found that the company’s application is amongst the fastest in the industry, delivering funds to a business in as little as one week from start to finish. The company does prefer to work with borrowers that have a better financial track record, so those with poor credit might not be ideally qualified for a loan from Credibility. The company does require that applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Have been in business for 18 months or more
  • Currently generate revenue
  • The business owner should have strong personal credit (prime or better)
  • No commercial or personal bankruptcies in the past five years
  • Business owner is a US citizen
  • The business is not located in Nevada, South Dakota, North Dakota, or Vermont

Additionally, all loans must be backed by general UCC filing, which uses your business assets as collateral, however, the business is not required to pledge any specific collateral. For businesses where an owner controls a 25.00% stake or more, the owner will also be required to issue a personal guarantee.

While these may seem like stringent requirements, they do guarantee that borrowers can access the best possible rates regardless of the term length they opt to choose. The company’s rates start as low as 7.99% and go as high as 20.00% for amounts ranging between $10,000 and $350,000.

One characteristic that left a particularly strong impression was that Credibility is always willing to help those customers who do not qualify for their loans. Credibility will gladly connect business declined for financing to one of their many vetted and reliable partners, who can offer other credit services that may prove to be more suitable. 

Straightforward and competitive loans

Repayment Terms

We were pleased with Credibility Capital’s loan terms, although they could expand their repayment offerings to a degree to satisfy a wider range of business financing needs. The company offers borrowers repayment terms of one, two, or three years, which can be combined with any amount offered. While not on the level of some competitors, we found that the company’s limited terms are beneficial to customers, especially because Credibility supported automated monthly payments to help streamline the repayment process. Thanks to the company’s amortizing loans, borrowers can always rest assured that monthly payments are being used to settle both the interest and the principal, so that loans are always repaid on time by the end of the loan’s term.

How Safe is It? 

Credibility Capital places a great emphasis on customers’ security. The company is very transparent about the information they gather from clients, including the means they use to collect it. Furthermore, Credibility is also straightforward about how they utilize that data, and the fact that they will not reveal personal information without your express consent. In addition, the company stores all data on servers that feature industry-best practices and security protocols. Overall, we were satisfied by the company’s commitment to customer safety.

Help & Support

Upon further research, we discovered that Credibility Capital’s customer support was very effective. The company is available via telephone and e-mail on weekdays during regular business hours. When we called the support line, the representatives we spoke to were courteous and knowledgeable, answering our questions promptly and satisfactorily. When sending queries via e-mail, the company also responded swiftly, taking as little as one business day while providing very helpful answers. We would have liked to see more options to reach the company such as live chat, but were nevertheless very content with the level of service provided, as well as with the company’s informative FAQ section.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Overall, we felt that Credibility Capital left a very positive impression when it came to its business lending practices. We did find some areas where the company could improve, however:

  • Loans are geared towards those individuals and business with better credit
  • Loan terms may be too short for certain types of borrowers
  • We would like to see more channels available for customer support

Even with some minor shortcomings, there were several aspects of Credibility Capital’s services that we really felt business borrowers could appreciate including:

  • Credibility’s interest rates are very competitive in the industry
  • The application process is straightforward and fast
  • The company offers an outstanding resource center for education
  • There are no hidden fees or prepayment penalties
  • Funds can be delivered in as little as 24 hours after approval

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With outstanding service and attractive financing rates, Credibility Capital presents a desirable borrowing choice for many small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s commitment to empowering business owners to take the steps necessary to ensure their success stands out amongst a crowded field of loan providers. Credibility Capital’s loan terms are perfect for businesses that do not require long-term financing solutions, while helping guarantee that obligations can be repaid in time thanks to automated payments. Moreover, we were impressed with the company’s outstanding level of service and support. Excellent educational resources are carefully curated to improve a borrower’s understanding of their finances, promote fiscal responsibility, and provide insightful strategies for tapping into growth. Though they do predominantly target customers with stronger creditworthiness, Credibility Capital’s competitive rates and range of loan amounts are especially desirable for growth-oriented businesses.

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