Fast Capital 360 Review

Ideal For

  • Companies looking for hassle-free loan options
  • Business owners whose credit scores may prevent them qualifying for traditional loans


  • Straightforward, transparent loan terms
  • Fast application and pre-approval process
  • Multiple lending options


  • Requires a minimum personal credit score of 500
  • No apparent flexibility in payback structure
  • Longer application than some other lenders

Bottom Line

Fast Capital 360 caters to the diverse funding needs of small businesses across a variety of industries.

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Why Go With Fast Capital 360

Fast Capital 360 is an online funding platform focused on providing access to a range of small business lending options. Ranking in the top 10 on TrustPilot, the company offers multiple ways for business owners to obtain funding even if their personal credit scores prevent them from qualifying for traditional bank loans.

Applying for funding can be done online or by printing out the application and sending it back as a fax or scanned email attachment. Pre-approval decisions are made within an hour for online applications and three hours for faxes and scans. If your application is approved, funding will be sent to your bank account via wire transfer in as little as one day.

You can apply for many different types of funding from Fast Capital 360. Whether you need a small amount to cover a few expenses or a large loan to help your business grow, this online funding provider has an option to meet your requirements.

What They Offer

  • Access to multiple lending options
  • 10-minute application process
  • Pre-approval in under an hour
  • Funding received in as little as 24 hours
  • Loans from $5,000 to $1 million
  • Terms from three to 24 months
  • Daily automated payback
  • Low or no interest fees

More Reasons to Choose Fast Capital 360

Some online “fast cash” lenders provide very little information about the financial products they offer. Fast Capital 360 has a page explaining each loan type so that you can find the best option for your business before applying. They also provide help from personal “business advisors.” These experienced staff members are available to guide business owners before, during, and after the application process. The goal is to help companies thrive using the money they receive.

Credit score is only part of what Fast Capital 360 considers when evaluating applications. Although they do require a minimum personal score of 500, they also look at other factors to determine the “health” of your business. These other factors aren’t listed on the website, but for business owners with less-than-perfect credit, this big-picture approach may mean the difference between getting much-needed cash and losing the company during hard times.

Minimum Qualifications

Fast Capital 360 tries to make the application and pre-approval process simple for every client. In the interest of supporting the growth of small businesses, they look beyond credit scores to determine a company’s financial stability.

To qualify for a Fast Capital 360 loan, your business must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  • In business for at least six months
  • Personal credit score of at least 500
  • Annual revenue of $175,000 or more in the past year
  • Located anywhere in the U.S.

When completing and submitting your application, Fast Capital 360 asks you to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Cosigner information, if applicable
  • Your business name and address
  • Your tax ID number
  • Owner information, including Social Security number and driver’s license number
  • Annual revenue
  • Monthly credit card volume
  • Your average bank balance
  • The loan amount requested
  • Information on how you plan to use the loan
  • Information on any current advances
  • Digital or physical bank statements for the past four months

All online application information is gathered over a secure connection through the DocuSign platform. Information sent via email or fax isn’t protected by Fast Capital 360’s on-site security measures.

What’s Unique About Fast Capital 360?

Since launching, Fast Capital has funded over 24,000 small businesses, spanning over 725 different industries, including retail, service, medical, and IT. With fewer restrictions than banks and more options than other online lenders, Fast Capital 360 prides itself on being the “Best Cash Advance Company” from which you can obtain quick funding.

When applying for preapproval from this provider, you can choose from many different loan options:

  • Business cash advance
  • Cash flow lending
  • Fast business funding
  • Merchant cash advance (MCA)
  • Online business financing
  • SBA loans
  • Short-term funding
  • Small business financing
  • Small business funding
  • Unsecured business funding
  • Working capital financing

There are no application fees, and the application may be completed online through DocuSign or printed out and sent as an image via email or fax. This is a unique feature not offered by most other online lenders, and it provides flexibility for businesses desiring a more traditional loan application process.

Once your application has been received, you connect your bank account through LoanVerify so that Fast Capital 360 can review recent financial activities. Emailed or faxed applications must be accompanied by copies of your four most recent monthly bank statements. This information—along with revenue, credit score, and other factors—is used to determine whether or not your business qualifies for the loan option you specified on the application. Loan amounts range from $5,000 to $1 million with varying terms. The lender states that they offer “lower fees and interest rates” than other online providers, and the FAQ suggests that no interest rates are charged at all.

When working with Fast Capital 360, you can expect personal service with a focus on the growth of your business. The company believes in the power of small businesses to help local economies and partners with many different lenders to provide the best rates and terms for clients. Repeat customers enjoy “program upgrades” as a reward for loyalty, although the details of these perks aren’t provided on the website.

This online lender adheres to the responsible lending practices detailed on the Responsible Business Lending Coalition website. This means that all information about their loans is disclosed up front and none of their lending options have any hidden fees. However, it’s not always easy to find information on the website, even with the detailed FAQ page. You may have to contact the company directly to have some of your questions answered, particularly when it comes to terms, rates, and repayment.

Repayment Terms

Details about terms and fees are sparse on the website. Some information indicates terms that range from three to 18 months. Other pages list terms as long as 24 months. The FAQ section states that no interest rates are collected by the company, and interest is never mentioned in any of the other loan documentation. Fast Capital 360 doesn’t charge hidden fees or penalties, and no prepayment penalty is mentioned.

Term lengths and payment amounts depend on the type of loan for which you apply. Payment structure isn’t specified aside from an option for “daily automated payback.” With this method, payments are deducted directly from your bank account each day to prevent you from missing a larger monthly obligation. However, because there is no definitive term or rate information given upfront and no loan calculator to help you plan, it can be difficult to know before applying how much a particular loan will affect your budget.

To get more information about how repayment is structured and what you can expect to pay, they suggest contacting one of their business advisors.

Site Security

The application requires several pieces of sensitive personal information, including your Social Security number and driver’s license number. Their privacy policy states that all sensitive data is sent using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and other protections to prevent unauthorized access.

By using “bank-grade security” to access account information, Fast Capital 360 keeps connected bank accounts secure. No account or other personal information is stored on the company’s servers.

Help & Support Availability

The Fast Capital 360 blog provides articles and information on a variety of topics. Categories include Business Advice, Business Success, Technology, IT, and People Skills. A Good to Know section provides timely and relevant information to help business owners gain insight and develop good financial habits.

For questions about loans or help with the loan process, their business advisors can be reached by phone or fax Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST.

To get help online, you can go to the FAQ page or fill out a contact form to have someone respond via email. A “Let’s Talk” box appears on each page of the site and allows you to enter a quick message along with your email address. You can also use this box to schedule a time to speak with a business advisor. Fast Capital 360 has no office hours on Sundays.


Fast Capital 360 gives your small business access to many different lending options, including merchant cash advances, SBA loans, and business financing. With a low minimum personal credit requirement and a detailed but quick application process, this online lender takes the hassle out of obtaining business funding.

Not all loan information is readily available when you browse the website, but business advisors are available to answer questions six days a week. The company aims to provide the best terms and rates for your financial situation, and there are no hidden fees associated with applying for or paying off a loan.

About Fast Capital 360

Fast Capital 360 was founded in 2009 on the belief “that small business is vital to continued local economic growth.” The company is committed to making lending “simple” and “straightforward” and works with a wide network of partners to find the best financing options for every applicant.

With positive values and a focus on action, they aim to be “positive” and “excellent” in what they do in order to provide the best possible services and experiences to their clients. They focus on putting clients first, and they continue to grow as leaders in the online lending industry.


Fast Capital 360
95 James Way, Suite 113
Southampton, PA 18966

Contact Details

Phone: 1-800-735-6107
Fax: 1-877-956-2667

They may also be contacted via their online form.

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