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Loan typesShort-term business loans
Loan amountBetween $5,000 and $500,000
Repayment Terms13 to 52 weeks depending on loan amount
Top ProCustomizable loan terms
Top ConCharges relatively hugher fees
Best forBusinesses seeking short-term loans

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LoanBuilder at a Glance

LoanBuilder, an offshoot of Swift Capital and a service of PayPal, Inc., opened its doors in 2014. The company offers highly customizable short-term business loans.  LoanBuilder’s approach is unique, as it gives borrowers freedom to design their loans according to their needs and specific circumstances.  Loans are proposed by the potential customer, and are approved or rejected according to a range of borrower information including credit and business history, average revenue, and more. Loans can be received in as little as 24 hours and are repaid on a weekly basis.

Best for Whom?

  • Unique businesses that need easy access to short-term funding

Prospective business borrowers can build and customize their own loans on the company’s website. The LoanBuilder Configurator enables businesses large and small to have more control when seeking the funding they need for a range of different functions.

  • Businesses with weaker credit scores

Customers who turn to LoanBuilder with lower credit scores need not be worried considering the company determines approvals based on a formula it calls its “Business Health Credit Score”.  Businesses with credit scores of 600 can be approved and exploring a loan through the LoanBuilder Configurator will not affect a company's credit score.

Loan Features

When it comes to finding unique financing solutions, customers are in good hands with LoanBuilder. The service is designed to help applicants find the right combination of loan amounts and terms, working with them to create the best funding solution to meet their needs. Additionally, the company’s broad range of loan amounts and short-term repayment periods are a great solution to deal with unexpected costs, expansion projects, or emergency equipment purchases. LoanBuilder also takes pride in ability to quickly approve loans, offering funding decisions in 24 to 72 hours. When it comes to paying down the balance, the company dictates weekly automated repayments while customers benefit from competitive interest rates. Most importantly, LoanBuilder works with a wide variety of customers, including those with weaker credit scores. The company uses its own proprietary Business Health Credit Score, which takes a more holistic view of a company’s creditworthiness.

Highlights for LoanBuilder:

  • Customizable short-term loans
  • Loan terms built by applicant
  • Funding approval as fast as 1-3 days
  • Financing received same day as approval
  • Loans between $5,000-$500,000
  • Fixed rate weekly loan payments
  • Lower credit scores approved
  • Applying does not affect credit scores

The Application Process

Getting started with LoanBuilder only takes a few minutes. Customers can complete the process online either via the company’s website or through its mobile applications available on both Android and iOS. The application process is straightforward and begins with answering basic questions regarding the applying business’ finances. This includes information on annual revenues, business and personal credit, and previous credit applications. LoanBuilder requests that customers meet the following requirements to be approved:

  • Be in business for a minimum of 12 months
  • A personal credit score of the owner of 600 or higher
  • A business located in the USA
  • Annual revenues higher than $100,000

The company does place some restrictions on which types of businesses are eligible to apply for loans. This includes, but is not limited to, gun stores, political organizations, non-profit organizations, and schools. LoanBuilder’s website provides a full list of ineligible businesses.

One area where LoanBuilder really shines is by granting the freedom to businesses to set their preferred loan terms and amounts during the application process. If approved, the company can disburse funds in as little as one business day, although loans above $75,000 may take two full business days to process.

Loan Terms - Customizable and Transparent

One of LoanBuilder’s biggest advantages is its adaptability. Instead of prospective borrowers having to fit into predetermined repayment terms that can be harmful to a business’ long-term finances, businesses have the ability to configure their loans. Customers can choose their preferred repayment period and amount sought. To determine if these loans are approved, LoanBuilder uses its proprietary Business Health Credit Score, which also looks at company revenues, company size, and credit history.

The company offers short-term financing options, with loan amounts starting as low as $5,000 and reaching up to $500,000. Borrowers can choose their amount on the company’s Loan Configurator and view their repayment in total terms as well as weekly payments.

The company only provides one repayment option for all its terms. Customers must repay their loans weekly, with LoanBuilder conducting weekly automated withdrawals on a day preset by the borrower. The company’s rates are also determined weekly. LoanBuilder calculates its interest rate as a Total Interest Percentage, which is similar to a factor rate. The company’s fees can range between 2.90% and 18.72%.

Repayment Terms

When applying for financing, a customer's Business Health Credit Score is used to help determine the fixed fee loan pricing.  Customers will know their potential weekly payment rates before even formally submitting their financing application. Applicants may modify the length of the repayment period after receiving their Business Health Credit Score and before submitting their application.  Repayment is handled as a weekly automatic deduction, for a term between 13 to 52 weeks. Customers may pay off their loans early, but will not receive any financial benefit from doing so, as the same fixed rate will still apply.

How Safe Is It?

We were happy to see that the company protects customer information using industry-standard measures. Personal information is encrypted on the company’s servers using standard 128-bit encryption and SSL protocols.  The company does not sell personal information, and only uses the collected information to provide its service to customers.

Help & Support

Those that need to contact LoanBuilder can do so by phone.  The company does not offer around-the-clock customer service, but representatives are available during business hours, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, Monday through Friday. Customer service may also be reached via email. We experienced reasonable response times both via email and total phone wait time.  Overall, we found that representatives were easily reachable and replied to all of our inquiries competently.

Deep Dive into Pros and Cons

Receive funding fastHigher rates
Clear fixed repayment ratesShorter repayment terms
Mobile AccessStacking fees
Customer builds the loan terms 


There are a few areas where LoanBuilder could improve its offerings. The company stacks fees for customers who apply for multiple loans, but could do a better job of disclosing it. The company’s shorter repayment terms also mean customers may have to pay higher weekly payments in some cases.

We were nonetheless appreciative of other aspects of LoanBuilder’s platform.  The LoanBuilder Configurator made it extremely easy for customers to explore their loan options and have more of a say when it came to setting terms.  LoanBuilder is quite transparent about the terms it provides and fixed repayment terms make it easy for customers to plan their loan repayment. Moreover, we were impressed to see mobile applications available for customers to track outstanding loans.


LoanBuilder makes it quite easy for customers to apply for funding specifically catered to their unique business circumstances.  Apart from enabling prospective borrowers to customize and create their own payment terms, LoanBuilder’s design effectively helps businesses understand what to expect before formally applying for a loan.  LoanBuilder is an excellent choice for businesses that need short-term cash injections and the flexibility to choose a unique repayment solution with weekly payments.

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Swift Financial, LLC

3505 Silverside Rd.

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