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Loan typesMulti purpose small business loans
Loan amountUp to $1,000,000
Repayment Terms60 days to 18 months or even more
Top ProAmazing cash advance program
Top ConCustomer support is not 24/7
Best forSmall businesses

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Main Street Finance Group at a Glance

Main Street Finance Group specializes in helping business owners obtain the cash advance they need to grow their business. They also offer a variety of long-term or short-term solutions. Main Street Finance Group understands what goes into starting and maintaining an independent company. They also understand how financing can be applied to help grow and evolve responsibly.

Consultations, advice, and loan services are also offered at no cost. They are always conducted first and foremost for the improvement of those consulted. Main Street Finance Group’s knowledgeable staff helps customers every step of the way. Due to their client-first strategy, they make many lasting financial partnerships with clients. As opposed to bank loans, the process of getting your business a cash advance or other small business loan is simple and fast.

Efficient Lending Solution

Best for Whom?

Main Street Finance Group serves small businesses nationwide, as the company is able to find funding for small businesses in all 50 states. This means that not only is Main Street Finance Group not limited by location, but they also have experience and knowledge about the underwriting standards that exist for states where it can sometimes be more difficult to get funding, such as California, Florida, and New York.

No matter where you are in America, Main Street Finance Group can help your small business sustain itself and prosper in the future. Their loan programs have helped small businesses across America get the funding they need to grow.

Loan Features

Main Street Finance Group offers a variety of funding options for small businesses and is always in the process of adding more programs that can benefit clients. In most cases any business that has been operating for more than 6 months and has a monthly revenue greater than $5,000 will likely qualify for some type of funding. Other factors include business owners’ credit score, average business bank account balance, and whether or not the business has any existing cash advance loans, liens, or defaults.

Current funding options: 

  • Business Cash Advance / Merchant Cash Advance
  • SBA 7A Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Collateralized Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Consolidation 
  • Healthcare Cash Advance

The Application Process

Main Street Finance Group is well-known for their quick and easy Qualify-Approve-Fund process. They've created a simple three step process for understanding how the business cash advance application process works:

  1. Approval within hours. Fill out an application form by going to the company’s website. They then can approve your small business for a business cash advance in hours.
  2. Money in your bank. Once you are approved, funding can take just a few days. Main Street Finance Group provides loans anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000.
  3. Flexible payback plans. Main Street Finance Group offers small businesses a variety of options for payback, including daily & weekly ACH payments.

Loan Terms – the Bare Basics

Main Street Finance Group helps customers qualify for SBA 7A loans because it is widely viewed as the best loan product in the country. A government backed SBA 7A loan almost always bears a rate of 6% or 7%, with payback term of up to 25 years. Loans usually start at least at $250-300k, and go up to $5 million or more.

Main Street Finance Group also helps with this program because it is very difficult to qualify. Frequently they work with merchants who tried to qualify directly with an SBA lender but could not. In fact, most of the businesses they help get SBA loans have been repeatedly given the impression by commercial lenders that they do not stand a chance of getting such a loan. There are many important, strategic decisions to be made during the SBA qualification process. Its one of the reasons it is difficult for people to qualify on their own.

It is also a very time consuming process. Merchants who need fast cash, now, are unlikely to get help out of an SBA. If the process moves quickly, it may be possible to fund an SBA inside of 60-90 days. However, to ensure the commitment, it may be necessary to refine and correct the businesses’ finances, repair owner’s credit scores, get appraisals on real estate collateral, and so on. For Main Street Finance Group’s clients this may be a process that takes up to a year. Regardless of how long it takes, if you are working with Main Street Finance Group through their SBA program, you can be assured that they will make a long-term commitment to you as their client.

The effort is worth it though as SBA 7A’s pay off all of a businesses’ existing debts. They provide working capital, they refinance or help purchase commercial and residential real estate, and all on terms that simply do not exist anywhere else in the business financing industry.

Main Street Finance Group’s SBA program can also be linked to bridge loans. Bridge loans are medium length secured or unsecured loans that help fix businesses’ cash flow. They are designed to prepare for getting the SBA commitment. As with other corporate debts, the bridge loan is then absorbed by the SBA.

While qualifying for an SBA, Main Street Finance Group can also look at merchant’s qualifications for other programs. This includes bridge loans, hard income real estate loans, and merchant cash advances. For well qualified merchants there may be still more options.

As mentioned above, Main Street Finance Group offers a variety of funding options for small businesses and is always in the process of adding more programs that can benefit clients. In most cases any business that has been operating for more than 6 months and has a monthly revenue greater than $5,000 will likely qualify for some type of funding. Other factors include business owners’ credit score, average business bank account balance, and whether or not the business has any existing cash advance loans, liens, or defaults.

Business Cash Advance / Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) have become the most popular method for small business funding in post-recession America. The process works like this: once funding is approved, the funds are deposited in the business bank account, and it will be paid back using a percentage of the businesses’ future revenues directly out of the same account. Depending on eligibility this will be done either daily or weekly. Typical MCA loans may be in the area of $5,000-$100,000, paid back over 2 months to a year or more. In the case of large advances the payback length may be 18 months or more.

Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit are somewhat similar to MCA’s, except that the merchant has the ability to choose when and how much funding they take out of the amount they are approved for. Interest rates for LOC’s tend to be a little bit lower as well. Otherwise, the qualification process for Lines of Credit and MCA’s are the same.

Collateralized Loans

Business cash advances and lines of credit are examples of non-asset backed loans that are supported by the company’s future credit card receivables. Collateral loans are somewhat similar to traditional bank loans in that they require the borrower to use the value of real estate property or large business equipment (such as company vehicles or large factory machinery) to underwrite the loan. These loans are also similar to traditional loans in that they can also take several weeks to complete and have a lot of paperwork requirements, unlike a business cash advance. However, a business with a valuable piece of collateral can often be approved for a far greater loan than they may ordinarily qualify for based purely on their monthly revenue and credit score.

Equipment Financing

This type of loan is specifically for buying machinery necessary to expanding a small business operation. Requirements may vary but the terms are often fairly similar to other small business loans.


Not every business is looking to add another loan to businesses’ bottom line; in some cases it is far, far more valuable for the company’s sustainable future operations to consolidate their existing loans.

Healthcare Cash Advance

Healthcare cash advances are different from business cash advances in one important way – they can create advances based on future insurance receivables as well as regular business revenue. This means that future Medicare, Medicaid, & all commercial healthcare claims & receivables can used as revenue to underwrite an advance offer. These types of deals are available to almost any healthcare industry business that handles revenue from healthcare insurance companies.

The major benefit of the healthcare cash advance is that it creates much better loan options for business in the medical industry than qualifying simply through credit card receipts. Merchants are not required to change credit card processors or insurance providers to get funding. However, unlike a business cash advance, businesses are required to use the funds for certain purposes, such as:

  • Practice Acquisition / Practice Expansion
  • Purchase Bulk Supplies
  • Hire and Train Staff / Bridge Credentialing Period
  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Upgrade Technology
  • Pay-off Vendor Bills

Competitive and flexible loan rates and terms

Repayment Terms

Typically, if a business is lucky enough to be approved for a traditional loan they will be required to adhere to a pretty strict payment schedule. Main Street Finance Group’s program can offer qualifying businesses a variety of options for payback, including daily & weekly ACH payments.

Payment schedules can vary anywhere from 60 days to up to 18 months or more. In some cases there are also rewards for early pay-offs. The company works regularly with businesses that are dealing with emergency funding situations or are seasonal and will always take that into account when finding them an offer that is right for them.

How Safe Is It?

Main Street Finance Group considers customer privacy of the utmost importance. They have developed policies for customers to understand how they collect, use, communicate and disclose, as well as make use of personal information.

Help & Support

Main Street Finance Group prides itself on their strong customer service. The company strives to treat everyone who contacts them with respect. If customers have any questions about the loans Main Street Finance Group offers and how to begin the application process, they can contact the company by email, phone or by filling out an online contact form.

Main Street Finance Group also has a helpful Blog to offer their customers tips, advice and information as it relates to business loans.

Pros and Cons

While Main Street Finance Group is an excellent choice for many borrowers, it does have a couple of downsides that might make it less appealing. 

  • Customer support is not 24/7
  • The $5,000 minimum on loans is slightly higher than some competitors, meaning that borrowers seeking to plug short-term holes in their finances might not find the right solution with Main Street Finance Group.

Despite some very minor drawbacks, Main Street Finance Group offers excellent benefits that are ideal for certain borrowers.

  • Fast approvals within 24 hours and fast cash in days
  • You do not have to personally guarantee the advance
  • Flexible payments based on a % of your future sales
  • No liens placed on your home or business
  • Bad Credit OK!


Since 2014, Main Street Finance Group has been there for small business owners. Located in Dania Beach, Florida, they have been constantly expanding their client base and services for the small business community.

Services include, but are not limited to – business cash advances, lines of credit, credit repair, credit card processing savings, unsecured long term loans, invoice factoring, and collateral loans. They pride themselves on their ability to get merchants offers in just a few hours. 

Physical Address

4485 Stirling Rd #109

Fort Lauderale, FL  33314


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